Please Read Below To See The Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How Do You Handle A New Client?

A: We treat each of our new clients with the respect and professionalism they deserve. For all our new clients we offer an in depth SEO website audit free of charge. Next we identify and discuss campaign objectives and find the right campaign suitable for our client’s niche / market. After we determine which SEO package is suitable, we send the appropriate information, then have our client sign a 6 month contract. Once the campaign is underway we are able to send updates at major campaign milestones. Each of our clients also receive their own login credentials to help track changes to their campaign real time!


Q:  Difference Between Organic And Local SEO?

A: This is a commonly asked question. Local SEO works great for geographically, traditional brick and mortar businesses such as a flower shop, a law office, a dentist, a doctor, etc. We help these businesses in ranking high geographically for certain keywords relating to their respective fields. Since these businesses are more likely to receive all their customers within the area they serve, it would not make sense for them to reach out to the national or international market. Organic SEO is similar to Local SEO, except that it focuses more on bringing in potential customers from all around the web and is not limited geographically.  A great example would be a bank or an e-commerce business that would want to pursue organic SEO. This method also focuses on keyword analysis, back link building (to increase the website’s popularity and ranking), and writing content relevant useful content to help booster the business credibility, thus boosting rankings.


Q: What Are Some Of The Factors Used To Determine The Effectiveness Of An SEO Campaign?

A: Some of the factors we consider in determining whether a campaign has been a success are things such as organic (non paid ) traffic to the website, quality and number of back links referring back to the main website, content quality on the website, an improvements in conversions (a lead turning into a customer), and leads (did the website see an increase in phone calls, potential customers calling in, buying?).


Q: How Long Can I Expect Results For My Website?

A: Typically it takes up to 6 months to start seeing results and progress can be tracked when we provide our clients with their own back-end login credentials to monitor results real time. The reason it takes 6 months is because SEO is akin to gardening. First you plant the seed, then you cultivate, then you harvest. Rome was not build overnight. A good quality campaign takes time. Anyone who promises results in a short amount of time is being dishonest and is using black hat (shady) techniques to bring about results. Although in the short term this can be a good thing, in the long term a website can be penalized from google for using shady tactics that are gained from trying to “beat the system”. SEO is a game that must be played by Google’s rules as they control much of the online search results traffic. Microsoft with Bing works similarly.


Q:  Best Methods For Obtaining Keywords To Target For An SEO Campaign?

A:  There are a few simple techniques for obtaining keywords in your target market to be used in an SEO campaign. Some techniques include using google’s keyword planner to generate keywords and keyword phrases, getting a report on a competitor’s website to obtain keywords they are targeting, or asking your potential customers what keywords they typed into a search engine when coming across a similar company.


Q:  How Much For Your SEO Service?

A: The team here at seotechexpert.com likes to add value to our client’s business lives. This is why we believe in providing you with a free SEO website audit report (which some companies may do but then they decide to give a basic report, not a full comprehensive report like we provide). We have packages tailored to every type of business from start up to enterprise, and our pricing reflects that. SEO packages start at $499. Please note that our team keeps up with the latest changes and updates in regards to online marketing, whether it be a new google update (affects SEO), or a change in Facebook’s marketing and advertising rules. We always take the proper steps to make sure we get results for our clients.


Q: What Other Services Do You Provide?

A: In addition, we also provide professional web design, facebook advertising campaigns, bad link clean up, pay per click management, blog outreach marketing, logo design, and email newsletter design. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and information.


Q: Is SEO A Good Investment?

A: SEO is the perfect medium to long term investment for getting ongoing traffic and potential customers to your website. If you are concerned about getting immediate traffic, we would recommend going with our pay per click (PPC) management service. Some of our clients like to go with both PPC management as well as SEO, as this provides a nice combination of traffic in the short term and long term. The results of any given SEO campaign depend on the niche / market / competitiveness of an industry as well. Sometimes results will be seen quickly and other times it may take a little longer.


Q: What The Heck Are Back Links?

A:  A back link is an incoming link that points to website’s page. The more of these legitimate links a site has pointing back to it, the better it is for the site’s visibility and rankings. Back links have to be relevant. For example if your site is about selling bicycles, it would not make sense to have links pointing to your website from dog training websites. We focus on high quality, relevant links from trusted websites. When done correctly this technique helps boost your website ranking.


Q: What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

A:   We are open from Monday To Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, Mountain Time.


If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to contact us, or to call us at 407-473-4474